Broadband in LA, What to Know About Digging in Louisiana

Welcome to Louisiana! We are in an exciting phase where companies are dedicated to bringing essential broadband to rural communities. Your efforts contribute to various ongoing infrastructure initiatives across the state, utilizing locate resources to safeguard existing utilities. It is crucial to adhere to the process, ensuring that your work requests align with permitted activities and fall within the required timeframe to maintain compliance.

When working underground in Louisiana, the law requires excavators and operators to perform specific activities during the process. As this varies from state to state, the key points to understand in LA include:

  • Excavators should secure any city, parish or state permits or encroachments prior to requesting locates.
  • Excavators must request locates at least 2 full business days (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the excavation. (§1749.13 B. (1))
  • Facility Operators must respond to the locate requests during the 2 full business day window unless a mutually agreed upon mark-by time has been negotiated. (§1749.13 B. (5))
  • White lining is required of the excavator when the location of excavation is called in to the center. Entering locate requests online meets compliance with this provision and does not require on-site white lining. (§1749.13 B. (4)).
  • Operators are encouraged to provide their ID with the marks to distinguish each utility from the others. LA follows the APWA color code standard for marking colors.
  • Attend your local Utility Coordinating Council (UCC) to discuss, meet and coordinate projects with industry stakeholders. Visit to find out more regarding when and where these meetings are held.
  • In addition to UCC attendance, conduct regular pre-construction meetings with locators and utilities in the areas you will be working. LA811 is here to assist in coordinating these meetings.

We offer free online and/or in-person 811 training including the ability to print a certificate showing completion of the online course. We highly encourage you to take advantage of these training opportunities. For more information, visit our online Resource Center or simply Call 811 and request training.